Our Areas

Baby room 

Learning experiences are planned by our qualified team, and are designed to be responsive to the individual needs and interests of our youngest learners, by following the Scottish Governments' "Pre Birth to Three" Curriculum. 

Our dedicated baby room team: Kerri, Eileen, Kristie, Pamela & Lynda nurture and care for your precious bundles within a comfortable, safe, secure and welcoming environment which has direct access to a safe and secure outside play area.

Toddler room 

Children in our toddler room are provided with a broad range of play experiences to help develop their natural curiosity.

Also following the Scottish Governments' "Pre Birth to Three" Curriculum our toddler staff team of: Kerri, Samantha, Bethany, Linda & Lumi, help to develop children's learning through a combination of planned activities, children's first hand experiences and most importantly through play with resources which are relevant to suit our toddlers interests and stage of development.

play room 

Children aged between three and five transition to our playroom to continue their range of Early Learning experiences, both indoors and out.

Our early learning team of Leanne, Lynsey, Lorna, Teresa and Harley work together to plan and deliver a range of  Reggio inspired learning opportunities which are guided by the Scottish Governments' "Early Learning Curriculum". 

Child motivated and led play experiences combined with planned learning opportunities help to develop each child’s individual self in a nurturing environment so the child can reach their full potential.

Outdoor play is a pivotal part of each day, and children have the right to choose to play outdoors if they wish, and are given the opportunity to do so.

The playroom uses electronic profiles to record children's individual achievements, experiences and progressions, and these are emailed to the parents at the end of each term.


We have two garden areas within the nursery grounds, and all children have access to both gardens, but each garden is designed with a specific age group in mind.

Our soft surface garden is designed for our 0-2 years olds, providing a safe area for them to freely explore and engage in physical and risky play. We also have a sensory area within the garden for them to explore their senses and develop concepts such as mathematical language.

Whilst the children have access to the garden area, they wear suitable clothing for the full range of weather conditions on offer in the West coast of Scotland!

Our natural garden is designed with the older 3-5 age group of children in mind.

We use lots of loose parts, bigger items such as crates, wooden logs, and spindles as well as smaller loose parts such as shells, stones and pine cones. These loose parts allow our children to be the creators of their own play and lead their own learning.

We also have a large messy area including a large sand trough and water wall where the children investigate different mathematical properties and develop their Science investigating skill set.

We have completed our new allotment where the children grow their own vegetables. We will be linking with the local Buzzworks restaurant, Lido, where we will be providing them with our fresh produce.


Energetic play is a huge part of our 0-2 year olds day, and, on rare occasions that the weather is truly unsuitable for our children to be outdoors, we have a soft play area where they can explore their jumping, running and climbing skills as well as letting off some steam!

The room also doubles as the sleepy room where our toddlers can nap in a cosy, darkened, quiet room, waking refreshed and ready for their afternoon activities.